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This is my Mind

(wipe your feet)

Michael Elliott
10 October 1986
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I am a philosopher. I would tell you more, but other than that I honestly don't know. I am a student at Simon Fraser University. I love to think, so much so that people have often commented that I do it too much. I like industrial, flamenco, classical, punk, and metal music. I love movies and books. I prefer listening to speaking because I know so little, and I love to learn from others.

1000 blank white cards, activism, anarchy, angels, aristotle, art, astrology, astronomy, atheism, bare feet, bdsm, being early, bible, biting, body modifications, books, christianity, christopher walken, computers, counter culture, creating, creative writing, cuddling, culture, culture jamming, cyberpunk, daydreaming, debunking the paranormal, dialogue, digital art, disagreeing with everything, douglas adams, earth, eccentrics, ethics, excessive masturbation, exploration, faith, feminism, film, free-will, freedom, friends, fundamentalism, galileo, god, good music, goth, goth sub-sulture, gothic culture, gregorian chant, haikus, holy land, humour, idealism, individualism, industrial, industrial rock, intelligence, intimacy, islam, jerusalem, jesus, jhonen vasquez, judaism, kinks, kissing, kit, knocking boots, knowledge, koran, korean cinema, language, latin, lightning, listening, love, making out, me, media, memes, metal, midnight walks, mohammed, more books, movies, music, mysticism, new testament, novels, old testament, open mindedness, paperbacks, parapsychology, pasta, peace, people, people watching, pets, philosophy, physics, piercings, plato, poetry, politics, prose, psychology, punk, quotes, quran, rain, rantradio, reading, relationships, relaxing, religion, religious art, restraint, romance, science, shakespeare, shamanism, slam poetry, sleeping, social documentary, societies, sociology, socrates, space, space science, stargazing, suicide girls, tattoos, technology, the internet, the occult, theory, thinking, thoughts, vampires, video games, vodun, wicca, women, world religions, writing, you, zim